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Song Of The Week: 11/15/15

Song: "The Rip"

Artist: A Wilhelm Scream

Album: "Mute Print"

Year: 2004

Place Of Origin: New Bedford, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1999-present


"The Rip" appears to be a song that is about coming to the realization that any entity, whether it be government, religion or even just those people who you looked up to as heroes, are not exactly as they appear and they have basically just been using you all your life to get you to be followers of their agendas. The fact is, there are millions of people who fall into this following. This song is the anthem for those that buck the trend and put their own best interests as priorities in their lifes, not the interests of bigger entities.

A WILHELM SCREAM DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2000 - "The Way To A Girl's Heart Is Through Her Boyfriend's Stomach" (as Smackin' Isaiah) (Tank Records)
2001 - "Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud" (as Smackin' Isaiah) (Jumpstart Records)
2004 - "Mute Print" (Nitro Records)
2005 - "Ruiner" (Nitro Records)
2007 - "Career Suicide" (Nitro Records)
2013 - "Partycrasher" (No Idea Records)


A Wilhelm Scream's roots as a band date back to 1999. At the beginning, the band was known as Adam's Crack, which was more or less a Nirvana type band. Then with the addition of lead singer Nuno Pereira, the band changed it's name to Koen for a short period before settling on the moniker Smackin' Isaiah. The band's Smackin' Isaiah days saw a band that was generally writing skate punk songs that were often humorous in theme. With the release of 2001's "Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud", you could see a band that was starting to take itself a little more serious and the lyrical content began reflecting that as well. It was after this album that the band officially changed it's name to A Wilhelm Scream. "Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud" would actually be re-released under their new moniker by Jumpstart Records. From 2004 through 2007, the band put forth a 3 album assault on the masses, releasing "Mute Print", "Ruiner" and "Career Suicide". All three of these releases were on the Nitro Records label. In 2009, the band released their self-titled EP through Paper + Plastick Records. The band would then sign on with No Idea Records for what would be their latest release, 2013's "Partycrasher". Currently, as of August of 2015, the band has confirmed that they are working on new material which will be a follow up to 2013's "Partycrasher". A Wilhelm Scream is a staple in the local Boston punk rock scene. It took them a few years and a few band name changes to finally form a musical identity, but they definitely got it all figured out by the time of their 2004 release "Mute Print". I'd say if you took the classic, melodic punk style of a Face To Face, added in the technical musicality of a Propagandhi and a sprinkle of hardcore punk aggression of someone like a BigWig, you'd get a sense of the sound of A Wilhelm Scream. Their style will never garner them mainstream success, but that is not their crowd or who they are targeting. They target the underground hardcore punk scene and that is their comfort zone. If you are a fan of band's like Propagandhi, Strike Anywhere, Strung Out or Rise Against (especially early R.A.), then you should check out A Wilhelm Scream.


1. The Soft Cell
2. I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
3. Boat Builders
4. Stab. Stab. Stab.
5. Australias
6. The King Is Dead
7. Bulletproof Tiger
8. Number One
9. The Rip
10. The Horse

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