Sunday, November 8, 2015

Song Of The Week: 11/8/15

Song: "Fine Tuning The Bender"

Artist: Off With Their Heads

Album: "Fine Tuning The Bender" 7" single

Year: 2003

Place Of Origin: Minneapolis, Minnesota

Years Active: 2002-present


"Fine Tuning The Bender" appears to be about being stuck in a rut. The vocalist seems to be saying to himself that it's time to leave this cold and grey town, but for some reason, finds himself stuck in the same place. Days have turned into years and the vicious cycle continues for him. For whatever reason, he wants out, but cannot bring himself to leave. He's not even sure why he can't just up and go. Perhaps it's the alcohol that keeps him where he is.

OFF WITH THEIR HEADS DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2006 - "Hospitals" (Rock Bottom Records)
2007 - "All Things Move Toward Their End" (No Idea Records)
2008 - "From The Bottom" (No Idea Records)
2008 - "Insubordination Fest 2008" (Insubordination Records)
2010 - "In Desolation" (Epitaph Records)
2013 - "Home" (Epitaph)


Off With Their Heads formed back in 2002. The band is the brainchild of lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Young. After dropping a slew of 7" splits and singles and dropping the 2006 LP "Hospitals", the band caught the ear of No Idea Records who signed the band to a deal. First thing No Idea did was to redistribute the band's 7" singles in the form of a compilation album called "All Things Move Toward Their End", then they released the band's 2008 album "From The Bottom". Off With Their Heads and No Idea Records did not exactly have a good relationship with one another however. There was a lot of tension and strife between the two. Off With Their Heads was hoping to release another compilation featuring more of their 7" songs, but No Idea basically squashed that idea. The band and label ultimately parted ways. This turned out to be a good thing for the band as they eventually signed with legendary punk rock label Epitaph Records who released their most recent albums, 2010's "In Desolation" and 2013's "Home". Under Epitaph, the band refined their sound and songwriting and began to shine as a band. Most recently, the band dropped a couple of singles in 2015, one was a cover of a Langhorne Slim and the Law song called "On The Attack" and the other was a Bad Religion cover song, "Sorrow". Both of these singles were released through Ryan Young's website/podcast "Anxious And Angry". Young created Anxious and Angry as a place where people can discuss various mental health issues via his podcast as well as being able to buy the band's merchandise. It's basically the go to place for all things Ryan Young and Off With Their Heads. Mental health issues are a definite focus in many of Young's lyrics as he has been dealing with them all his life, even suffering a nervous breakdown in 2013. The podcast has been as theraputic as his band and his music to help deal with his own issues. If you are a melodic hardcore/punk rock fan of contemporary bands such as Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord, Dillinger Four, House Boat or The Flatliners, they you should definitely give Off With Their Heads a listen. Very solid punk rock band that features very personal, heartfelt lyrics.


1. Drive
2. Nightlife
3. I May Be A Lot Of Shitty Things, But At Least I'm Not A Rapist Like You
4. Don't Make Me Go
5. Janie
6. Die Today
7. Sorrow (Bad Religion cover)
8. Clear The Air
9. Fuck This, I'm Out
10. Seek Advice Elsewhere

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