Sunday, February 14, 2016

Song Of The Week: 2/14/16

Song: "Do Tell"

Artist: We're Not Afraid

Album: "Adventures In Poverty"

Year: 2011

Place Of Origin: Los Angeles, California

Years Active: 2008-present


I can't find the actual lyrics to "Do Tell" anywhere on the internet, but by trying to listen to as much of them as I can make out, the song appears to be about the vocalist having a vision of where he wants to go in life and how to go about getting there while there is someone else who perhaps didn't see things the same way. The vocalist's conviction is so strong that perhaps this other person has a change of heart and sees the error of his or her ways but I get a feeling that it's too late and this person has missed the boat. I could be totally wrong about that because it's kind of hard to make out all the lyrics to the song.

WE'RE NOT AFRAID DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2011 - "Adventures In Poverty" (World Records)


We're Not Afraid formed as a band back in 2008, hailing from the hills of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. After setting their line-up, the band recorded their first album, 2011's "Adventures In Poverty". This album was distributed by World Records oversees but in the States, the band had to basically self release the album. There's really not a whole lot to say about this band. They ironically, only have a MySpace page on the internet which is oddly out of date in the world of Twitter and Facebook. Currently they appear to be unsigned at this time. I'm kind of surprised no punk labels have taken to We're Not Afraid. I could see them on a label like Fat Wreck Chords or SideOneDummy. They are a melodic, pop punk band who sound like a mash up of bands such as Strung Out, Slick Shoes, Unwritten Law and early AFI. While their sound isn't anything groundbreaking, I found their album "Adventures In Poverty" to be a pretty solid effort. As for any new material or touring schedules? No idea. The band hasn't really put itself out there through social media to post any updates or things like that. Their only album came out in 2011 so, being 5 years ago, for all I know, the band has broken up.


1. Dead Fish
2. Casual Ties
3. Back To Life
4. Hope
5. One Man Economy
6. Closed Eye Drive
7. Simon B.
8. The Fire That Thought...
9. Live It Your Way
10. Do Tell

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