Saturday, February 6, 2016

Song Of The Week: 2/7/16

Song: "Honor Is All We Know"

Artist: Tim Timebomb & Friends

Album: "High Noon In A Dark Blue Sea"

Year: 2013

Place Of Origin: Berkeley, California

Years Active: 2012-present


"Honor Is All We Know" is a song that appears to be about standing strong in the face of adversity. It also has a rallying feel about it, especially when it comes to friends, family and those that are closest to you. It's about you having their backs and them having yours. There is a definite honor in loyality and their is honor in family. This song is definitely dedicated to standing up for what you believe in. "Honor Is All We Know" was re-recorded by Rancid and was the lead single of the band's 2014 album of the same name.

TIM TIMEBOMB & FRIENDS DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2012 - "Tim Timebomb Sings Rock n Roll Theater" (Hellcat Records)
2013 - "High Noon In A Dark Blue Sea" (Pirate Press Records)
2013 - "Winding Far Down" (Pirate Press Records)
2013 - "Special Lunacy" (Pirate Press Records)


Tim Timebomb, of course better known as Tim Armstrong from the legendary punk band Rancid, is a side project of Mr. Armstrong in which he collaborated with a slew of musicians to play music that mostly influenced him. It all started with a musical film project that Armstrong was working on called "Rock n Roll Theater", in which he wrote all the music for. After that, the project turned into, almost a jam session type atmosphere with him releasing a song a day from October 29, 2012 to October 28, 2013, a whopping 365 songs!!! Many were covers, some were originals and the band members were ever changing. Three albums, a total of 36 tracks, were released in 2013, featuring the standout tracks out of the year's worth of singles. Though Tim Timebomb & Friends got it's start in 2012, Tim Armstrong has been a fixture in the punk rock scene dating back to the mid 80's. He was a member of the hugely influential Operation Ivy and when that band disbanded, he and bassist Matt Freeman formed Rancid in 1991. Drawing influence from The Clash, Rancid would go on to be one of the most successful and influential punk rock bands to come out, drawing on a hardcore sound while splashing in elements of ska and reggae. The band has released 8 full length albums since their inception. Tim Armstrong is also a member of the punk/hip hop group the Transplants, which features Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker. He and Freeman are also in a band called Devil's Brigade. As you can see, Armstrong is constantly working and always seems to be working on various projects at any given time. Most recently, his main project, Rancid, has garnered the majority of his focus. The band dropped "Honor Is All We Know" in 2014 and as recently as January of 2016, it has been confirmed that the band has been working on a new album in the studio. As for Tim Timebomb & Friends? After they finished releasing their marathon of singles in 2013, it appeared Armstrong began focusing on Transplants and Rancid projects. Tim Timebomb seems to be a downtime project for Armstrong but, knowing that he loves jamming together with friends, I wouldn't be surprised to see more releases from this project in the future.


1. We Did Alright
2. Cupid Aims
3. She's Drunk All The Time
4. Ooh La La (Faces cover)
5. Change That Song Mr. DJ
6. Brown Eyed Girl (Van Morrison cover)
7. Roots Radicals (Rancid cover)
8. California Sun (Riviera's cover)
9. Adalida (George Strait cover)
10. Bad Luck (Social Distortion cover)

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