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Song Of The Week: 3/13/16

Song: "She Takes It So Well"

Artist: Hot Water Music

Album: "A Flight And A Crash"

Year: 2001

Place Of Origin: Gainesville, Florida

Years Active: 1993-present


"She Takes It So Well" appears to be about seeing someone, most likely someone you love, wife, mother, sister, etc, perhaps succumbing to a fatal disease or sickness. I get the feeling that she takes the news much better than the loved ones that surround her and her strength in that very tough situation is somewhat inspirational, but you can sense the vocalist is feeling really helpless and it's weighing on him heavily, as matters like this usually do.

HOT WATER MUSIC DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

1995 - Finding The Rhythms (No Idea Records)
1997 - Fuel For The Hate Game (No Idea Records)
1997 - Forever And Counting (Rise Records)
1999 - No Division (No Idea Records)
1999 - Live At The Hardback (No Idea Records)
2001 - A Flight And A Crash (Epitaph Records)
2001 - Never Ender (No Idea Records)
2002 - Caution (Epitaph Records)
2004 - The New What Next (Epitaph Records)
2008 - Till The Wheels Come Off (No Idea Records)
2012 - Exister (Rise Records)
2013 - Live In Chicago (No Idea Records)


Hot Water Music formed as a band back in 1993 in Gainesville, Florida and features guitarist/vocalist Chuck Ragan, guitarist/vocalist Chris Wollard, bassist/vocalist Jason Black and drummer George Rebelo. From 1995 till 2004, the band dropped a whopping 9 albums, including a few b-sides and rarities compilations and a live album. You could say that Hot Water Music is sort of like the Bruce Springsteen of punk rock music in that, their live performances were always seen as epic shows, full of energy and the band members leaving everything of themselves out there on stage. Early on, Hot Water Music was a staple on punk rock label No Idea Records but in 2002, the band hooked up with legendary punk label Epitaph and released perhaps their most influential album, "Caution", which featured such punk rock classics as "Remedy", "Trusty Chords" and "Wayfarer". After the 2004 release "The New What Next" and subsequent tour in support of that album, Hot Water Music went on a bit of a hiatus. Most members focused on various side projects. Chuck Ragan focused on his solo material and began setting up "The Revival Tours", which featured many punk rock frontmen in an acoustic, bar room type atmosphere. The remaining members of Hot Water Music formed the band The Draft in 2006 and released an album. Chris Wollard formed a band called The Ship Thieves in 2009 which is still active today. Jason Black played bass for Senses Fail from 2008 till 2012 and is in a new band called Unwed and George Rebelo has been playing drums for Against Me! since 2009. Hot Water Music would get back together in 2008 for a handful of shows and by 2012,drop a brand new album, "Exister", through Rise Records. With singles like "Drag My Body" and "State Of Grace", Hot Water Music shows that they still very much have their chops and they continue to be relevant and a key component of the punk rock landscape. Currently, Hot Water Music appears to be a project that all the members come back to after a few years of doing their own thing. I'm not sure that the band is the main focus of all the members any more, but none of them take the band or it's accomplishments lightly and when the do all get back together, they all make sure their focus is tight as not to disrespect the legacy of this great band. The band's most recent stint was a 20th anniversary tour in 2014 which featured The Flatliners and Dave Hause as opening acts. In punk rock circles, Hot Water Music is a legendary act. Though, their music can't completely be defined as punk. I view it as aggressive rock and roll with punk rock elements for sure. Ragan and Wollard are excellent songwriters and vocalists as well. Their lyrics are often very passionate and meaningful. I'd say their contemporaries are bands like Face To Face, Samiam, Swingin' Utters and A Wilhelm Scream and their influence is clear in bands like Red City Radio, The Flatliners and All Eyes West.


1. Remedy
2. Drag My Body
3. Trusty Chords
4. Radio (Alkaline Trio cover)
5. Freightliner
6. God Deciding
7. Moonpies For Misfits
8. Rooftops
9. Jack Of All Trades
10. All Heads Down

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