Sunday, March 20, 2016

Song Of The Week: 3/20/16

Song: "I See Red"

Artist: Thousand Foot Krutch

Album: "Oxygen:Inhale"

Year: 2014

Place Of Origin: Ontario, Canada

Years Active: 1995-present


"I See Red" appears to be about facing certain obstacles in life, whether they be physical, mental or emotional, and trying to steer clear of them or get through them. Often you find that it's not always easy to do this alone and you need support. Being that Thousand Foot Krutch does often wear it's faith in God on it's sleeve, perhaps the vocalist is insinuating that it's with his faith, that he finds the strength to overcome his obstacles and his direction in life is seen much clearer. Or perhaps, he's leaning on family and loved ones. I'm sure it can be a little of both.


1995 - Shutterbug (as Oddball) (Independent Release)
1997 - That's What People Do (Independent Release)
2001 - Set It Off (DJD Entertainment Group)
2003 - Phenomenon (Tooth & Nail Records)
2005 - The Art Of Breaking (Tooth & Nail Records)
2007 - The Flame In All Of Us (Tooth & Nail Records)
2009 - Welcome To The Masquerade (Tooth & Nail Records)
2011 - Live At The Masquerade (Tooth & Nail Records)
2012 - The End Is Where We Begin (Independent Release)
2014 - Oxygen:Inhale (Independent Release)


Thousand Foot Krutch was the brainchild of vocalist Trevor McNevan. Formed in 1995 and originally called Oddball, McNevan decided to form a band influenced by merging nu metal sounds with hip hop grooves and lyrics. Not hard and edgy like rock/rap legends Rage Against The Machine, but more party rock/rap. The band independently released their first two albums and by 2001, released "Set It Off" through DJD Entertainment Group. By 2003, the band signed on with Christian punk rock label Tooth & Nail records. Their sound also began to shift to a more mainstream rock sound. With the release of 2005's "The Art Of Breaking", the band basically transformed into a total mainstream rock outfit, gone were the rap style lyrics. "The Art Of Breaking" featured the band's highest charting single, "Move", which peaked at #16 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart. 2009's "Welcome To The Masquerade", 2012's "The End Is Where We Begin" and 2014's "Oxygen:Inhale" peaked at #35, #14 and #11 respectively on the charts, proving that Thousand Foot Krutch is a band who is trending upwards after each release, a bit of an odd occurence given that most bands have huge success early, then began fading out. Currently, Thousand Foot Krutch appear to be on the verge of releasing their "sister" album, if you would, to "Oxygen:Inhale" sometime in 2016. The album is called "Exhale" and two singles have already been released for the album, "Born Again" and "Running With Giants". The band has been sans label since 2011 and have been releasing albums independently since 2012's "The End Is Where We Begin". As for musical style, as I said, the early rock/rap days of the band have been virtually non-existent since 2003. Their sound is more on the line with bands such as Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, P.O.D., Fuel and Papa Roach. The band is a very big deal in it's native Canada and is pretty successful worldwide as well. As of February of 2014, the band has sold over 1 million albums worldwide. The band is considered a Christian rock band as it's beliefs and faith do tend to fill through in their lyrics but that does not mean that this is not a damn good rocking band! If you like more mainstream, melodic rock acts like the contemporaries I mentioned above, then you will most likely enjoy the music of Thousand Foot Krutch.


1. Fire It Up
2. Phenomenon
3. Shook
4. Falls Apart
5. Untraveled Road
6. War Of Change
7. Move
8. Welcome To The Masquerade
9. Rawkfist
10. Running With Giants

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