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Song Of The Week: 6/19/16

Song: "See You At The Bottom"

Artist: This Is A Standoff

Album: "Be Delighted" EP

Year: 2011

Place Of Origin: Calgary, Canada

Years Active: 2007-2012


"See You At The Bottom" appears to be about a girl who's been abandoned by her boyfriend, leaving her with their newborn son. She is struggling to find a job to make ends meet and she totally feels alone. She's in a constant struggle to commit suicide or not to. Her son is the reason she wants to live, yet she sees her boyfriend in the son when she looks in his eyes which brings on the suicidal thoughts. Her future definitely doesn't look to bright when reading the lyrics to this song.

THIS IS A STANDOFF DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2007 - Be Excited (Effervescence/Feuzeul Records)
2009 - Be Disappointed (Animal Style Records)


This Is A Standoff formed out of the ashes of the punk band Belvedere. Belvedere members Steve Rawles and Graham Churchill formed This Is A Standoff almost as a side band at first, but when Belvedere disbanded, This Is A Standoff became their main focus. The band hails from Calgary, Canada and formed in 2007. The band released their debut full length studio album, "Be Excited" in that year as well. In 2009, the band hooked up with Animal Style Records to release their sophmore effort, "Be Disappointed". The band's last release would be the 2011 EP called "Be Delighted" through Funtime Records. This Is A Standoff would be a short-lived band as they announced on their Facebook page in February of 2012 that they were going to disband. Some members of This Is A Standoff went on to form a new band called Torches To Triggers. This Is A Standoff is a technical, melodic hardcore punk band much in the same vein as fellow Canadians Propagandhi. If you heard bands such as Much The Same, A Wilhelm Scream, Bigwig, No Trigger or Venerea, then that's the style of punk that you'd expect from This Is A Standoff. This band is pretty damn good so it's a shame that they didn't continue on and broke up so soon. Just goes to show that it's very hard out there for bands to make it. Sometimes the struggle isn't worth it in the long run. In just 5 short years however, This Is A Standoff played some 322 shows in over 25 countries so it was not a lack of effort to get their music out there to the masses.


1. Dream Beater
2. Everything We Take
3. We're Really Doint It
4. The Enlightened One
5. Face The Sun
6. You Won't Pass
7. Head In The Sand
8. Days Go By
9. Underwater
10. See You At The Bottom

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