Sunday, June 26, 2016

Song Of The Week: 6/26/16

Song: "Left On Memory Lane"

Artist: Landmines

Album: "Commerce And Marx"

Year: 2011

Place Of Origin: Richmond, Virginia

Years Active: 2005-2011


Couldn't find the lyrics to "Left On Memory Lane" anywhere on the net, but after giving the song a close listen a few times, I get the sense that the vocalist is reliving old memories with old friends, maybe in a bar setting. You can tell that whether they did some things right or if they did some things wrong, the vocalist wouldn't change a thing. Those times are what molded him into the person he is today and those memories hold strong sentimental values.

LANDMINES DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2008 - Landmines (Paper + Plastick Records)
2011 - Commerce And Marx (Paper + Plastick Records)


Landmines is a melodic, hardcore punk band that formed back in 2005, hailing from Richmond, Virginia. They are the very first band to ever sign on Paper + Plastick Records, a label that has now gone on to be one of the bigger punk rock labels that are out there. The band released their debut album in 2008, "Landmines", then followed that up with an EP in 2009, "Hell Is What You Make It". Their most recent release was 2011's "Commerce And Marx". By November of 2011, the band had decided to call it quits after just 6 years as a band. Landmines definitely showed some promise picking up where fellow Virginian hardcore punk legends Avail left off. If you are a fan of bands such as Protagonist, Static Radio NJ, Asado, DC Fallout or Hear The Sirens then you should give Landmines a listen. It's a shame where the music industry is right now that small bands have such a hard time making it. There are so many bands that I listen to that just can't seem to make it financially work to sustain keeping their bands together. Landmines is one of those bands that just dissolved before they really left an imprint on the music scene.


1. Hell Is What We Make It
2. Three Little Pigs
3. Sleeping Sidewalks
4. Black Tide
5. 80 Proof
6. Excess And Indifference
7. Ditch Digger
8. In Our Name
9. Careless Haircut
10. Evil Eye

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