Sunday, March 19, 2017

Song Of The Week: 3/19/17

Song: "Your Name In Lights"

Artist: Sic Waiting

Album: "Your Name In Lights"

Year: 2005

Place Of Origin: Oceanside, California

Years Active: 2000 - present


"Your Name In Lights" appears to be a song about moving out west, chasing your Hollywood dream. The price for fame is often steep however. To see "your name in lights" often means you sign your rights away to people who don't always have your best interests at heart. For every one person who lives out their dream, there are thousands who get swept under the rug.

SIC WAITING DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2005 - Your Name In Lights (CD Baby Records)
2010 - Anchors Astray (self-released)
2015 - Derailer (Felony Records)


Sic Waiting got it's start back in 2000, hailing from southern California. Very much influenced by the heyday of Fat Wreck and Epitaph skate punk bands of the 90's, Sic Waiting's released their debut full length album in 2005 called "Your Name In Lights". Taking their cue from a bands like Social Distortion, Sic Waiting seems to wait 5 years between their releases. It wouldn't be till 2010 that the band self-released their sophmore effort, "Anchors Astray". They did manage to squeeze an EP between full lengths when they dropped "Vices" in 2012. Their latest full length album was 2015's "Derailer". Most recently, the band has been doing tours of the west coast, first with 88 Fingers Louie, then later on with Pour Habit. As I said earlier, Sic Waiting is very much a product of the 90's skate punk bands, mostly on Fat Wreck Chords and Epitaph Records. Those bands were right in my wheelhouse when I was growing up so when I hear a band like Sic Waiting, they immediately spark my interest. As for their sound, they are very similar to bands like Face To Face, Ignite, Rise Against, No Use For A Name and Bad Religion, though not as heavy as Ignite, more on the melodic side like No Use, but Stinson's voice is similar to Zoli Teglas from Ignite. Sic Waiting is an awesome band. My only complaint is the lack of albums. I mean, they have been a band for 16 years and only 3 albums?!! Some of this is due to Jared Stinson focusing on his solo stuff as well. He often tours solo doing acoustic sets or with his side project, Dead Frets. In fact, Dead Frets just released a new album on March 10, 2017 called "True South". "Derailer" is such a great album that hopefully, Sic Waiting drops some new material a little sooner than 5 years!!


1. Active Alumni
2. The Salesman
3. Okay, I Lied
4. Victims
5. This Town Is Burning (And I Couldn't Care Less)
6. Maps
7. Lines In The Road
8. The Price Of A Good Night's Sleep
9. Question Of The Season
10. In Compatible Love

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