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Song Of The Week: 3/26/17

Song: "Heartless" (Re-recorded)

Artist: A Day To Remember

Album: "For Those Who Have Heart" (Re-issue)

Year: 2008

Place Of Origin: Ocala, Florida

Years Active: 2003 - present


"Heartless" appears to be a typical "relationship on the outs" type of song. The vocalist has done everything in his power to make this relationship work but he refuses to be just a shoulder to cry on. There's so much more to a relationship than that. Her lies and betrayals are too much to stomach for him. He'll live with the pain of her cheating ways, but his first step to healing himself is ending his relationship with her for good. "Heartless" originally appeared on A Day To Remember's debut album, "And Their Name Was Treason". The band re-recorded the track for the re-issue of their second album, "For Those Who Have Heart", which is the version I chose for my "song of the week".

A DAY TO REMEMBER DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2005/2008 - And Their Name Was Treason/Old Record (Indianola Records/Victory Records)
2007 - For Those Who Have Heart (Victory Records)
2009 - Homesick (Victory Records)
2010 - What Separates Me From You (Victory Records)
2013 - Common Courtesy (ADTR Records)
2016 - Bad Vibrations (ADTR Records)


A Day To Remember formed as a band back in 2003, hailing from Florida. The band's first recording was the 2004 self released EP, "Halos For Heroes, Dirt For The Dead". The band soon released their debut album a year later through Indianola Records called "And Their Name Was Treason". A Day To Remember then began a long relationship with Victory Records after this release. Their second album , 2007's "For Those Who Have Heart", peaked at #17 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and the follow up to that, 2009's "Homesick", would reach #21 on the Billboard 200 charts. After the release of their 2010 album, "What Separates Me From You", A Day To Remember got into a legal battle with Victory Records that would ultimately delay the release of their fifth album. Victory did release a re-recorded version of the band's debut album in 2008 under the new name, "Old Record". Eventually, A Day To Remember was allowed to release their 2013 album, "Common Courtesy", through their own label, ADTR Records. The band's most recent release is 2016's "Bad Vibrations". The band toured Europe and Australia in December of 2016 and carried through to the new year to support that album. A Day To Remember is parts pop punk, parts metalcore and parts screamo. They kind of jump around from style to style on their albums, and sometimes even in the same song. As for bands that have similar styles, I would go with bands like The Used, Silverstein, Four Year Strong, Falling In Reverse and Escape The Fate. I would say that A Day To Remember, The Used and Silverstein are at the head of this particular style, pop punk/metalcore. A Day To Remember got a boost to their popularity back in 2007 when they covered pop artist Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" with their own pop punk version. After that, their popularity began to rise and by 2009, they were a headlining act. They are an extremely active band. If they are not in the studio, they are on the road. When not headlining their own tours, they are often performing at festivals such as Warped Tours, Bamboozle Fests and Download Festivals. Not my favorite pop punk/metalcore band, but very, very solid band no doubt about it.


1. Right Back At It Again
2. All I Want
3. The Downfall Of Us All
4. All Signs Point To Lauderdale
5. Paranoia
6. You Had Me At Hello
7. End Of Me
8. Bad Vibrations
9. Better Off This Way
10. If It Means A Lot To You

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