Sunday, April 2, 2017

Song Of The Week: 4/2/17

Song: "Your Own Drum"

Artist: Sully Erna

Album: "Hometown Life"

Year: 2016

Place Of Origin: Lawrence, Massachusetts

Years Active: 1986 - present


"Your Own Drum" appears to be about not letting others define who you are or what you want to become. If you have a dream, strive for it. Be true to who you are and follow your own path, wherever that destination may lead.

SULLY ERNA DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2010 - Avalon (Universal Republic Records)
2016 - Hometown Life (BMG Records)


Sully Erna was actively working on music since 1986. The Lawrence, Massachusetts native's first band was called Strip Mind. They released one album in 1993 in which Sully was the drummer. He was kicked out of the band soon after this release however. No worries because two years later he would form Godsmack and the rest is history. Since 1995, Godsmack has released nine studio albums, some of which have reached multi-platinum status. As a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, drums, piano, keyboards and harmonica), Sully would often write material which perhaps didn't have that Godsmack edge to it. In order to get this material out and not just leave it in the can, Erna decided to release a solo album in 2010 called "Avalon". Most recently, Erna released his second solo album in 2016 called "Hometown Life". As I said earlier, the material in these albums show a softer side of Erna. While some of the tracks could have made a Godsmack album, most of the material is not as heavy or metal enough for Godsmack material. While Sully gets some flack for sounding like a mix of Layne Staley and James Hetfield on vocals, his albums both solo and with Godsmack stand on their own and have made him and his bandmates one of the most successful hard rock acts of the 2000's. While Sully's solo recordings are a labor of love, his main focus is his band Godsmack. Word out there is that currently, Godsmack are in the studio in the beginning stages of working on new material for an album that is slated to be released in 2018. As for style, if you like the softer side of bands such as Alice In Chains, Staind, Seether, Stone Sour and of course Godsmack, then you would most likely enjoy Sully Erna's solo albums.


1. Sinner's Prayer
2. Hometown Life
3. Until Then...
4. Different Kind Of Tears
5. My Light
6. Don't Comfort Me
7. Broken Road
8. Turn It Up!
9. Eyes Of A Child
10. Your Own Drum

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