Sunday, October 10, 2010

Song Of The Week: 10/10/10

Song: "One In Ten"

Artist: Deviates

Album: "Time Is The Distance"

Year: 2001

This song appears to be about trying to deal with the loss of someone close to you. The vocalist is constantly trying to stay in a state of dream where the person's memory feels close and real. Reality, however, is that eventually you are going to wake up and when you do that person is still gone. The Deviates formed as a band in 1994, though they would not release their first album until 2000. Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge was so impressed by the band that he would produce their first album, "My Life". The Deviates dropped their second album "Time Is The Distance" in 2001 and really appeared to be a band that was on the rise. They were a breath of fresh air as a punk band, influenced heavily by punk rock legends Pennywise and Bad Religion, even winding up on the famous Epitaph label along with those bands. As good as "Time Is The Distance" was, the band seemed to just disappear off the face of the Earth. After touring in support of the album, the state of the Deviates was a mystery. As far as I know, they never worked on any new material for a follow-up to "Time Is The Distance" and the band just seemed to fade away. It seems you can't find any information as to why the band broke up or even what the members are doing now on the internet. They have no wikipedia link, no myspace page (other than a fan tribute) and the few band bio's you find (such as on Epitaph's site) are not updated. Therefore, currently there is no new on Deviates. It's safe to assume that a once very promising punk band would leave us with two solid albums and a few rare tracks.

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