Sunday, October 17, 2010

Song Of The Week: 10/17/10

Song: "Superman"

Artist: Bush

Album: "Golden State"

Year: 2001

To me, "Superman" appears to be a song about the loss of youth and innocence and how, as a kid, solutions to problems are just so much more attainable. For instance, when you were young, you thought people like "Superman" could save the world so there was really nothing to worry about. As you grow older, your innocence becomes corrupted by sin and you begin having to deal with life's realities which cannot be cured by good luck charms and superheros. Life is a constant struggle of reinventing yourself to atone for mistakes that you have made and it's basically up to you to make those changes. "Superman" cannot make things better anymore. Bush is a post-grunge band from England that got it's start back in 1992. On the heels of the Seattle grunge explosion, bands such as Bush tried to jump on the coattails of the Nirvana's and Pearl Jam's of the world. Though they were ridiculed for being copycats of those bands, Bush did find much success in the mid to late 90's, mostly from their debut album "Sixteen Stone" which found lots of radio play and achieved very high record sales. "Superman" is a song from the band's fourth studio album, "Golden State". Though "Golden State" was the band's least successful album, I could make an argument that it is their second best album behind "Sixteen Stone". The album was a return of sorts to that raw, heavy rock sound that made "Sixteen Stone" a great album. After touring in support of "Golden State", the band would break up in 2002 due to the band members going in different directions, musically and in life. Frontman Gavin Rossdale would go on to form the short lived Institute which would only record one album and he also released a solo record that was supposed to be written as a new Bush album, but the other band members, most notably guitarist Nigel Pulsford, wanted no part of a reunion. In 2010, it was announced that Rossdale had reformed Bush. The only other original member in the new version is drummer Robin Goodridge. The band is preparing to have their first album in almost ten years released in 2011. The tentative title is "Everything Always Now".

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