Sunday, October 24, 2010

Song Of The Week: 10/24/10

Song: "One Last Breath"

Artist: Creed

Album: "Weathered"

Year: 2001

This song is about someone that knows he doesn't have much time left in this world, but he still believes he has so much left to live for. With each last breath, he still wants to atone for his past mistakes and he still yearns to have more time and do more thing with those around him who he really cares for. He will fight to hold on to these things until he breathes his final breath. Creed formed as a band back in 1994 and were at the head of the post-grunge movement. Much like a band such as Bush was criticized for being Nirvana rip-offs, Creed found the same problems with their constant comparisons to Pearl Jam. Though Creed was hugely successful, those comparisons never let them get any respect in the music industry. The connection to Pearl Jam does not end there however. Before the band began recording their third album, "Weathered", bassist Brian Marshall was fired from the band for saying some negative comments about Pearl Jam's songwriting style that the rest of the band members, especially vocalist Scott Stapp, wanted to distance themselves from, especially seeing that Pearl Jam was a huge influence to the band. Lead guitarist Mark Tremonti would handle all the bass duties on the "Weathered" album and the band would soldier on as a trio. In 2004, however, inner conflicts between Stapp and the rest of the band caused Creed to break up. Stapp would go on to release a solo album while the remaining Creed members, including fired bassist Marshall would form a new band called Alter Bridge. After a five year break, Stapp and the rest of the band worked out their differences and reformed Creed, releasing a new album, "Full Circle" and touring the globe in support of it. The Creed reunion will not be the death of Alter Bridge, according to Tremonti. Currently, while Creed is on a little break from touring and recording, Alter Bridge is touring in support of a brand new album. Scott Stapp is also keeping busy doing a solo acoustic tour. Once everyone is done working on their side projects, Creed will get back together and work on some new material for future release.

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