Sunday, January 16, 2011

Song Of The Week: 1/16/11

Song: "Rich Girl"

Artist: Everclear

Album: "The Vegas Years"

Year: 2008

"Rich Girl" is a cover song which was originally released in 1976. It was originally written and performed by Daryl Hall & John Oates. Everclear covered this song and released it on 2008's "The Vegas Years" which featured most of the cover songs which Everclear performed through the years. The song "Rich Girl" is basically about a girl who thinks she can get away with anything and do whatever she wants without consequences because her family comes from money. Any problems that she creates can be washed away because "daddy" has money. Everclear broke on to the music scene in 1992 hailing from Portland, OR. For the majority of the band's career it consisted of Art Alexakis on guitars and vocals, Craig Montoya on bass and Greg Eklund on drums. From 1995 to 2000, Everclear was one of the most successful bands in rock music, riding the wave of hit singles such as "Santa Monica", "Wonderful", "Father Of Mine" and "Everything To Everyone". The 2000's were quite a different story for the band however. Inner turmoil and tensions would lead to the departure of Montoya and Eklund in 2003. Alexakis then had to decide whether to continue on with Everclear and a new line-up or just go solo. He would keep Everclear intact, along with playing several solo acoustic tours, but new material was released rather sporadically. 2006's "Welcome To The Drama Club" was the only full studio release of all new material by the new Everclear line-up. They also released "The Vegas Years" cover compilation which featured mostly songs that were recorded throughout the band's career and 2009's "In A Different Light" which is basically an acoustic album featuring many of the band's hit songs stripped down. Currently, the band went through another line-up overhaul and, according to Alexakis, were planning on releasing a new album in 2010. 2010 has come and gone however with no new Everclear album.

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