Sunday, January 2, 2011

Song Of The Week: 1/2/11

Song: "Caught A Glimpse"

Artist: Blindside

Album: "Silence"

Year: 2002

Before trying to explain what "Caught A Glimpse" appears to be about, it's important to understand that Blindside is a Christian band and those beliefs and morals tend to be themes in a lot of their songs. With that being said, this song is about being grounded by your relationship with God even while all the trappings of early success, fame and the Hollywood lifestyle beckons you at every turn. In battling through all of these temptations that are laid before you, it's your devotion to God that keeps you on the path you wish to be on. Blindside formed as a band back in 1994. They hail from Sweden. Though they are often labeled as Christian post-hardcore, they have showed some diversity in their most recent releases and have experimented with some electronica as well as jazz elements on some of their songs. They are definitely a band that does not want to be trapped into any certain genre while not totally going away from who they are as a band. While they are not a hugely successful band, they are quite solid in my opinion. "Caught A Glimpse" was the third single off of 2002's "Silence" album and i'd argue it is possibly in my top three for Blindside songs. While the band has released five studio albums and a couple of EP's, their last being 2007's "The Black Rose", they have been on a little hiatus from recording but have popped up playing live on various occasions. The good news for Blindside fans is that currently they are working on a new album which they hope to have released in March of 2011.

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