Sunday, January 9, 2011

Song Of The Week: 1/9/11

Song: "Dreams"

Artist: Taproot

Album: "Welcome"

Year: 2002

"Dreams" appears to be a song about confusing what reality is and what is not. When asleep, the vocalist seems to see who he is in an honest view and he's not quite sure he likes what he sees so he struggles to stay awake. The subconscious mind does not mask the truth like we often do in a conscious state. Taproot is a post-grunge band from Michigan that formed back in 1997. After some independent releases, Taproot got their first major break upon releasing "Gift" in 2000. The band began generating a following after "Gift" which would lead to their most successful album to date, "Welcome". On the heels of their hit single, "Poem", Taproot went from opening band to headliners. Their style is reminiscent of early Staind material with verses that gradually build up to exploding choruses often featuring guttural vocals. Following "Welcome", Taproot began experimenting with a somewhat softer sound which alienated some of it's core fanbase. Thankfully, with their 2010 release, "Plead The Fifth", the band seemed to go back to the heavy formula that gained them success with "Gift" and "Welcome". Currently the band is still on tour supporting "Plead The Fifth".

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