Sunday, November 24, 2013

Song Of The Week: 11/24/13

Song: "Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)"

Artist: Taproot

Album: "Plead The Fifth"

Year: 2010

"Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)" appears to be a relationship song where the vocalist dove in and put himself into it completely but she was not so committed to it. She did not love him like he loved her and she was unfaithful to boot. Ultimately, he decides not to fight to save what relationship is left and he lets her go. Taproot's origins begin in the mid 90's. In fact, the band was formed out of the ashes of two other bands, Cymonic Drive and Skumbag. It wasn't until Stephen Richards jumped out from behind the drum kit and handled the vocals that the band moved forward and ultimately achieved some success. In 1997, the band sent a demo tape to Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst. He wanted them to sign to Interscope Records but the band decided on a deal with Atlantic much to Durst's dismay. In 1998, Taproot independently released "Something More Than Nothing" and "Mentobe" and in 1999 they also independently released "Upon Us". Through Atlantic, the band released their major label debut, 2000's "Gift". This album spawned the single "Again & Again". It also caught the ear of Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack who helped get Taproot a spot on the Ozzfest tour. 2002 saw the band release "Welcome". This album debuted at #17 on the Billboard 200 charts thanks in part to the single "Poem", which reached #5 on the Mainstream Rock charts. Achieving Gold status, "Welcome" is Taproot's most successful album to date. In 2005, the band released "Blue Sky Research". Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins helped co-write a few songs on this album. Behind the single "Calling", this album debuted at #33 on the Billboard 200 charts. In 2006, Taproot parted ways with Atlantic Records. Their fourth album, 2008's "Our Long Road Home" was independently released but with a distribution deal with Sony Records. At this point in their career, Taproot was operating more as a headliner on bigger tours than a support act. In 2010, Taproot signed with Victory Records. Their first album with Victory was "Plead The Fifth". Released in 2010, "Plead The Fifth" felt like a return to a heavier style that was prominent on their early albums "Gift" and "Welcome". The first single on the album, and my song of the week, "Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)" is definitely one of my top 5 Taproot songs! In 2012, Taproot released their sixth major album, "The Episodes". Not only did they tour to support this latest release, in 2013, they also set out on a 13th year anniversary tour for their album "Gift". They played the whole album in it's entirety on this tour to celebrate that album. During the course of their musical career, Taproot has shared the stage with such contemporaries as 12 Stones, Ice Nine Kills, Cold, Staind, Chevelle and 30 Seconds To Mars. Currently, as I said earlier, the band had been touring to celebrate the release of "Gift" 13 years earlier. As for new material, there is nothing new to report on the Taproot front at this time. They seem to be a fairly active band so I don't foresee a long wait for new material to surface.

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