Sunday, November 3, 2013

Song Of The Week: 11/3/13

Song: "Holes"

Artist: Smile Empty Soul

Album: "More Anxiety"

Year: 2010

"Holes" is a song that appears to be about trying to fill various voids in your life. Some people use religion to fill that void. Some people use drugs to fill the void as well. You get the sense from the vocalist that he wants to figure it out on his own and that he doesn't appreciate those who try to preach to him about how he should live. Everyone has voids to fill in life. I think he's saying that you have to find how to fill them yourself. Don't listen to those who judge. Smile Empty Soul formed as a band back in 1998 when the members where still attending various Santa Clarita, California high schools. Their demo eventually got into the hands of Lava Records who signed the band. They released their self/titled debut album in 2003 which featured the singles "Bottom Of A Bottle" and "Silhouettes". This album was certified gold in 2005, selling over 500,000 copies at that time. Smile Empty Soul had finished their second album "Anxiety" in 2005, but due to conflicts with Lava Records, the label shelved the album and it was a fight for the band to get the rights to it. The band encouraged fans to rip the album via torrent sites because, at that time, they couldn't release it themselves. In 2006, the band signed to independent label, Bieler Bros. Records. The band added second guitarist, Mike Booth, formerly of the band Cold. Their next album, "Vultures" debuted at #169 on the Billboard 200 and featured the single "The Hit". In 2007, the band and Mike Booth parted ways and Smile Empty Soul returned to being a three piece band. 2009 saw the band sign with F.O.F./EMI Records and release their fourth album, "Consciousness". This album featured the singles "We're Through" and "Faker". Also in 2009, the band finally got the rights to "Anxiety" and released it through Itunes. In 2010, the band released "More Anxiety", which was a special deluxe package featuring the full "Anxiety" album as well as demos, rare tracks and a bonus DVD. In 2012, the band signed to eOne Music and released "3's". This album features the song "Afterlife". Guitarist/vocalist and chief songwriter, Sean Danielsen would also release his first solo EP that year as well. In 2013, Smile Empty Soul returned with yet another new album, "Chemicals" which was released in October of that year and featured the single "False Alarm". Smile Empty Soul has been a very active band since their self/titled debut in 2003. Their songs have always had a darker edge to them and their lyrics are often filled with depressive themes where sometimes the light doesn't seem to be seen at the end of the tunnel. Currently, they are touring in support of their latest release "Chemicals".

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