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Song Of The Week: 5/14/17

Song: "Bad Reputation"

Artist: The Rabble

Album: "No Clue, No Future"

Year: 2006

Place Of Origin: Auckland, New Zealand

Years Active: 2001 - present


"Bad Reputation" appears to be about wondering if the life you lead and the mistakes you've made will ultimately be your downfall. The vocalist is basically praying to God for help or guidance because he's been to the bottom. He wants to know that when his life is over that he makes it to the other side despite his past regressions. The first time you listen to the song, it clearly reminds you of Social Distortion's "I Was Wrong". No surprise as Social D. influenced The Rabble greatly.

THE RABBLE DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2006 - No Clue, No Future (Self-Released)
2007 - The Battle's Almost Over (Filthy Lucre Enterprises)
2011 - Life's A Journey (Self-Released)


The Rabble was formed back in 2001 by brothers Chazz Rabble and Rupe Rabble. It took five years for this New Zealand outfit to hone their sound before the world got a taste of their music. 2006 saw the debut album by The Rabble, the self-released "No Clue, No Future". The band's second release, "The Battle's Almost Over", featured a collaboration with Mark Unseen of the band The Unseen on the track "The World Is Dead". Mark Unseen really took to the band and almost joined the members of The Rabble to form a new band which never came to fruition. The band, at this time, had it's first tour of Europe. The band's latest release would be 2011's "Life's A Journey". Frontman Chazz Rabble really saw this release as an evolution for the band. Many of his fans however began accusing the band of selling out, especially in his native New Zealand. The Rabble announced they were going on a hiatus in 2013. Chazz would not rule out the band getting back together but that all the members have been focused on other projects, most notably Chazz's other band, "Flirting With Disaster". The Rabble are a band who tends to go all over the place when it comes to style. At one moment they could be hardcore punk, then they can be pop punk. Sometimes celtic punk and every now and again a touch of ska/punk. Chazz has stated that his favorite band is Green Day, so it's easy to see why the band began shifting their sound to a more melodic brand of punk as the years went on. That was most likely the wedge that began turning off some of their core fans as well. As for similar bands to The Rabble? I would say if you enjoy bands like The Unseen, The Briggs, Bombshell Rocks, Far From Finished and Anti-Flag, then you would probably enjoy The Rabble's music. I look at The Rabble as a good band, not great. For me, they change styles even on one album so much that you wonder if you're listening to a multi-band mix cd sometimes. It's great that they're not pidgeonholed into one specific sound but at the same time, it seems to hurt their continuity as a band.


1. The Journey
2. The Coast Song
3. Carry On
4. Shot Down
5. Seeking
6. Addicted To The Bone
7. This World Is Dead
8. Can't Relate To You
9. Bored
10. Police & Thieves (The Clash cover)

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