Sunday, May 7, 2017

Song Of The Week: 5/7/17

Song: "80 Cents A Day"

Artist: Stray Bullets

Album: "The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune"

Year: 2004

Place Of Origin: Boston, Massachusetts

Years Active: 2003 - present


"80 Cents A Day" appears to be a song about poverty in the U.S.A. They show commercials on television about charities for the starving of other countries but nothing to help our own poor people. The vocalist sees the poor and the hungry in his own neighborhood while jobs are being sold to foreign labor for 80 cents a day. Definitely shining a light on domestic poverty issues.

STRAY BULLETS DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2004 - The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune (Fork In Hand Records)
2014 - Ghost Town Rockers (Dying Scene Records)


Stray Bullets got it's start as a band back in 2003. Headed by vocalist/guitarist Jon Cauztik, the band's first exposure to the local Boston punk rock scene was their debut album, "The Slings And Arrows Of Outrageous Fortune" in 2004. Almost as quick as the band formed, Cauztik moved on to another venture, punk/ska outfit the Have Nots. It took ten years for the Stray Bullets to release their sophmore album, 2014's "Ghost Town Rockers" through Dying Scene Records. Nowadays, Stray Bullets is officially Cauztik's main focus as the members of the Have Nots are currently involved with other projects. Most recently, the Stray Bullets released a split with Duck And Cover, The Warning Shots and Blood Stained Brindle in 2017. Stray Bullets play a brand of punk rock that's has some ska and reggae influences much like their idols The Clash. If you're a fan of bands like the Have Nots, Rancid, OC45, The Warning Shots and Operation Ivy, then the Stray Bullets would be a band that would most likely interest you as there are elements of all of those band's styles in Stray Bullets music. I kinda look at both the Stray Bullets and the Have Nots as pretty much the same band with different members other than the constant vocals and guitar of Jon Cauztik. In my mind, both are awesome bands. I'm not a huge punk/ska guy, but Stray Bullets do the genre right!


1. Knife For The Pusherman
2. Gone
3. The Anchor
4. Already Dead
5. Sirens
6. Channels
7. Peace Signs
8. P.C.
9. Boy In The Bubble
10. New Prisons

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