Sunday, May 15, 2016

Song Of The Week: 5/15/16

Song: "CSJ"

Artist: The Scandals

Album: Bandcamp single

Year: 2014

Place Of Origin: Bayonne, New Jersey

Years Active: 2004-present


Can't find the lyrics to "CSJ" anywhere on the internet, so after giving it a few close listens, I want to say that this song may be about someone who has perhaps is suffering depression or possibly committed suicide. I'll say that "CSJ" are probably the initials of that person's name. You could tell the vocalist is someone who has had this person's back since the beginning and is still trying to stand by this person when times are the toughest. "CSJ" was originally written and recorded by the band Let Me Run and could be found on that band's "Broken Strings" EP. The version I chose for my song of the week is an acoustic cover version by the New Jersey punk band The Scandals.

THE SCANDALS DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2010 - The Sound Of Your Stereo (Skeleton Crew Records)
2014 - Time Machines (Gunner Records)


The Scandals formed as a band back in 2004. After years of touring locally and trying to make a name for themselves in the New Jersey punk rock scene, the band would finally release their debut full length album in 2010 called "The Sound Of Your Stereo". For The Scandals 2012 EP, "Trenchknife", the band enlisted the help of the Bouncing Souls' Pete Steinkopf to produce. The band has appeared at several music festivals, including SXSW in Austin, Texas, Myfest in Berlin, Germany, CMJ in New York, Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas, Skate and Surf Fest and Bamboozle Fest. In the spring of 2014, The Scandals embarked on a tour of Europe for the very first time. This tour was to support their album "Time Machines" which was a Europe only release distributed through Gunner Records. Currently, the band had hinted that they wanted to release an album in 2015 but that has not come to fruition as of yet. Their latest release was a split with Plow United in July of 2015 and most recently, the band finished up a tour in support of The Falcon in early 2016. Along with fronting The Scandals, lead vocalist Jared Hart also performs solo acoustic shows and he has released a solo album as well. Very early on, The Scandals had the support of fellow New Jersey band The Gaslight Anthem. Brian Fallon has taken Jared Hart under his wing and they have collaborated on music. Gaslight has also taken The Scandals out on the road with them on several occasions. As for the sound of The Scandals? They have a little Gaslight Anthem in them, but I tend to think they sound more like a mix of The Ducky Boys and Against Me! The Scandals have the reputation of a hard working band, a blue collar band and a constant touring band. Their mission is to get their music out to the people and that's success to them, more so than how many records they've sold. The Scandals fall in line right behind the legendary Bouncing Souls and the mighty Gaslight Anthem when it comes to Jersey punk!


1. Avalanche
2. Second Thought
3. Soon Enough
4. Hungry
5. Sirens
6. Four Seventeen
7. Introspection
8. Allnighters
9. Emerald City
10. Salute The Fallen

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