Sunday, May 29, 2016

Song Of The Week: 5/29/16

Song: "Whiskey And Barchords"

Artist: Majority Lost

Album: "Falls Off The Bandwagon" EP

Year: 2009

Place Of Origin: Los Angeles, California

Years Active: 2007-????


"Whiskey And Barchords" appears to be a song about hangin' with the boys and getting loaded to forget about the daily grind of life if not for one night, or perhaps, every night, depending how much you want to forget or how much you want to get into the booze!! I think most people have those days where you just want to put all the problems of your life on the back burner and have some drinks with friends, crank some tunes on the jukebox and forget about reality for a while.

MAJORITY LOST DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2008 - Gods, Kings & Personal Demons (Felony Records)
2011 - Majority Lost (Self Release/Bandcamp)


Majority Lost formed as a band around 2007. Trying to form a niche for themselves in the L.A. punk rock scene, the band hooked up with Felony Records for their debut album, 2008's "Gods, Kings & Personal Demons". From there, the band signed on with Horns Up Records to release an EP titled "Falls Off The Bandwagon" in 2009. After securing an opening slot on The Briggs European tour, Majority Lost changed some band members and eventually self released their second full length album, "Majority Lost", through their bandcamp page in 2011. That very same year, two members of Majority Lost, Jan Drees and Curtiss Lopez went on to form a new band called The Shell Corporation. In 2012, Majority Lost frontman, Jesse Goodwin, also formed a new band called Last Chance Soldier. Currently, there is not much news coming from the Majority Lost camp. Their Facebook page hasn't been active since March of 2012. While they haven't officially disbanded, it doesn't appear that there is a future for the band as of the current date. Style-wise, if you're a fan of street punk bands much in the same vein as The Briggs, Far From Finished, Have Nots, Lars Frederiksen & The Bastards or A Wilhelm Scream, then Majority Lost would be a band of interest for you. Both of their albums are pretty solid so it's a shame that it doesn't appear that there is a future for the band going forward but, you never know. Perhaps the members will decide one day to have another go at it.


1. Dead Little Girl
2. Tomorrow
3. Whiskey And Barchords
4. Chemically Imbalanced Nation
5. Marching On
6. Last Call
7. Welcome To Anywhere
8. Singin' Truth
9. Fight The Empty
10. Song Of Lost Ideals

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