Sunday, May 22, 2016

Song Of The Week: 5/22/16

Song: "Kalla Vindar Over Kebab Town"

Artist: Heartbreak Stereo

Album: "Double EP"

Year: 2012

Place Of Origin: Pargas, Finland

Years Active: 2004-present


Good luck!! I couldn't find the lyrics online for "Kalla Vindar Over Kebab Town". What I did find was that "Kalla Vindar" may be Finnish for "Cold Wind". "Kebab Town" is a fast food restaurant that's located in various European locations, including Finland. Put that together and what do you get? I don't know. The vocalist was hungry and it was cold out?!! From listening to the song, the vocalist is talking about the summer being over or coming to an end and he doesn't want someone to know something and he doesn't want to let something go either. Perhaps he doesn't want the cold weather of winter to come? I don't know. Possibly.

HEARTBREAK STEREO DISCOGRAPHY (Full length albums only):

2007 - Echo Road (Fast Freddie Productions)
2008 - Inspiration (Back From The Dead) (Mitstrick Records)
2010 - Carried Through This Waltz (Mitstrick Records)


Heartbreak Stereo is a punk rock trio that got it's start back in 2004. Hailing from Finland, the band's very first release was a 2005 self titled EP. After dropping their debut album in 2007, "Echo Road", the band signed on with Mitstrick Records to release 2008's "Inspiration (Back From The Dead)" and 2010's "Carried Through This Waltz", the latter featuring music videos for the songs "Bottle Rocket" and "2 Kids". The band has shared the stage with many punk rock acts including Born To Lose, Rat City Riot, Mad Caddies, The Real McKenzies and the Bouncing Souls. Heartbreak Stereo has said that they have drawn their influences from bands such as Social Distortion, Madcap, The Bronx, Bombshell Rocks, Against Me!, Rancid and The Briggs. Currently, there is not much news coming from the Heartbreak Stereo camp as of now. Their last release was the "Double EP" in 2012. Being that they are from Finland, perhaps it's just harder to get updated news on them. Though Heartbreak Stereo draws their influence from many of the bands I've mentioned above, to me they have a Boston street punk sound to their music. When I listen to Heartbreak Stereo, I definitely hear some Far From Finished, The Explosion, The Ducky Boys, Street Dogs and Dropkick Murphys in their sound. They can definitely pass for a Boston street punk band in my eyes. So if that style is what rocks your boat, you should check out Heartbreak Stereo.


1. Do I Need A Reason Not To Leave Here And Die
2. The Fight Song
3. All In All In All In
4. I Spill My Blood
5. Say Nothing
6. Sunburn
7. Bottle Rocket
8. Small Town Rats
9. 2 Kids
10. Back In December

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